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Kodiak Adventures Unlimited Kayaking

Kodiak Adventures Unlimited - Kayaking

See Kodiak’s amazing marine life up close and personal with one of our Kayak Wildlife Photography Tours!  From a three hour cruise around the harbor to a full day out on the water, our kayak guide will get you right up on top of  Kodiak’s stellar sea lions, sea otters, harbor seals, horned and tufted puffins, arctic terns, and you might even rub up against awhale or two (and we aren’t kidding!)

Kodiak Adventures Unlimited - PuffingLearn more than you ever thought you would about Kodiak’smarine wildlife whilekayaking through breathtaking scenery taking pictures of animals and birds just an arm’s length away.  

Kodiak Adventures Unlimited - Sealion

One of the best parts of this tour is seeing the photos on facebook of you and the sealions and the otters or puffins or the whales  oror or…  You do not need to know how to kayak to enjoy this tour, but it does help!  The tours can be tailored to your abilities and interest, but book early as her schedule does fill up and first booked gets first priority on the best weather days.

Full day tours are $200 per person, byo lunch and water bottle. Groups of 4 or more people are $180 per person/full day.                

Partial day tours are also available. Call for pricing and availability. 

Bring your hooded raincoat, boots or crocs, sport pants & gloves, binoculars, camera, a water bottle and your own lunch for your most memorable day out on the water EVER! 








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