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St. Paul Harbor
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See Kodiak’s most amazing scenery and cultural/natural features with
one of our fun driving tour guides. 

Pillar Mountain - Kodiak Adventures UnlimitedThree hours of driving around and learning about Kodiak is just enough to get you going to do some exploring on your own. From the top of Pillar Mountain to the bears in Bells Flats to Fort Abercrombie Park to the Kodiak harbor and shoreline, you will see the best Kodiak has to offer.  Our tour guides specialize in helping you get that amazing photo with you in it! 

Call us for pricing and availability Our “Best of Kodiak” Three Hour Tours start at $100 per person, and can be experienced  in a variety of vehicles, from a comfortable six person van to a multi person tour bus.Kodiak Museum

Another fun option is our “Kodiak Combo” Road Tour!   Combine a half day of guided river fishing on the road system with a half day custom road tour!  It’s the best of both worlds!  Call for pricing and availability!










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