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I just completed a photo album of our trip to Kodiak.

I loved reliving the many wonderful experiences we enjoyed. So much of the success of our trip was due to you and your effort to accommodate us.

You are not only charming and beautiful, you do a great job for Kodiak Adventures.  Our adventure was one we'll savor for a long time to come. 

Thank you so much!  I have enclosed some photos for you.

PS thanks too for coming to meet us at the airport!


We are back home & rested up!  It was great seeing you at the airport as we left Kodiak.  We have some great pictures and wonderful memories of our time on Kodiak. Sure wish we could have stayed longer.  Mel Roe and Eric took the guys out on Shear Water and they caught lots of fish.  They were out from 8 a.m. to 6:15.  I think they went down by Ugnak...where the NORAD station is. 

We loved "On the Cape" where Suzanne had thought of everything.  We are showing all our pictures to our friends here and they are asking questions like "how did you find this charter & this house, etc".  I've been telling them that I talked to a Michigan gal who lives there now and that without her, I'd never have gotten all this together!  We may be sending more your way as several have indicated they'd like to hear more.  Dick & I would like to come back one day and we surely will be in touch with you if we do plus we'll give all our friends all the information so they can contact you too.  Again, thanks for all the information you gave me.
Brenda Teaford

Kodiak Adventures Unlimited

Kodiak Adventures Unlimited - Charter Fishing

We are the longest running charter and tour booking company located in Kodiak Alaska, and we can “hook you up” with the most FUN and REPUTABLE 
Fishing Charters in Kodiak!

Full Day Fishing Charters
Kodiak Adventures Unlimited

Our full day charters give you the best opportunity to fish for multiple species in one trip,including TWO halibut, several varieties of salmon, ling cod (starting July 1st) black bass, pacific cod, and  numerous varieties of rockfish.   On occasion we also pull up a hungry octopus or starfish- you just never know what is on the hook! 

Fishing in Kodiak is very productive, because our boats frequently get to their favored fishing grounds in an hour or less, unlike other locations around Alaska. Our wide variety and two halibut limit make Kodiak a great port of call for ocean charters.  As do our friendly and informative helpful charter captains.

Kodiak Charter FishingCatching the early morning tides, our captains like to depart between 7 and 8 AM.  Every captain has his own special fishing hole, so sit back, wake up with hot coffee and enjoy the ride.  Along the way enjoy breathtaking views of the nearby islands, as well as sea lions, otters, puffins and humpback whales. 

Once your boat arrives at the first fishing hole, the captain and crew will set out the individual rods for their guests.  There are different kinds of fishing rods to use when fishing.  For halibut, referred to as the ‘bottom fish’, it’s a stand-up, 30-80 pound test rod with 300-400 yards of line.  For king salmon, the trolling rod is used with 30-50 pound test line.  Once in position, the guests stand vigil to hook a ‘barn-door’ size halibut or king salmon often weighing in at 20-40 pounds. 

All of our charter boats offer a heated cabin and restroom. Ourfull day charters also include a box lunch, snacks and beverages for the day.  The price includes all the required fishing equipment, tackle and bait. Fish processing is not included in the price, as our boats bring your fish directly to the processor at the end of the day to be filleted, frozen, vacuum sealed and boxed for shipping at a separate cost.  Overnight shipping by FedEx is also available. 
Half DayKodiak Island Charters Fishing Charters
For those of you with limited schedules, our custom half-day charters are the perfect fit. Because the summer light extends into the evening hours, our four hour charters may depart in the morning, mid-day or late afternoon. 

The captain will explain the tides, weather and fish available at the time of your departure; most often the charter will focus on one species as a priority. Once the captain knows the preference he will chart the course and when you limit out on the first choice, the chase will be on for the others!

There is a 2-3 person minimum to go out on a half-day charter. But we often have someone else already signed up or looking to go!  So give us a call and let us plan your fun!

What to bring?  
We recommend that you wear at minimum a hooded rain jacket, as well as waterproof pants and boots if possible.  We also suggest you bring your camera, video camera and binoculars to make the most of your day out on the water- you never know when a whale is going to surface or a huge halibut is going to bite!   

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